Side Hustle Update #8 – $17,032 in Amazon FBA Sales

May 2017 Results – $17k in Sales and $4k in Profit

May saw a dip in sales from last month which was over $20k.  I had several products go out of stock and I’m waiting for the new stock to arrive.  I also had 2 new products launch this month which are both selling well so far and took some huge expenses last month to get them shipped to the Amazon warehouses (roughly $2k in one time expenses last month).

With the one time expenses out of the way I was able to clear just over $4,000 in profit this month.  Not too bad!  I spent roughly 8 hours on my side hustle this month for a crazy $500 per hour rate!  Here’s what my sales/profit numbers look like (screenshot from my Fetcher account):

Amazon FBA may 2017 sales

Plans for June

While I technically had a nice profit in May, I’m planning to reinvest this money into launching new products.  I’ve been setting aside $1,000 per month as ‘profit’ which means I can spend it on stuff or invest it in my retirement accounts.  Basically it’s my money, not the business’.  The remaining profit is what I will use to continue to build and grow the business.  I’m also looking at acquiring some websites to create more passive income.  

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