September Side Hustle Income Report

September was a crazy month so this income report is going to be pretty short.

I'm in the process of selling my Amazon FBA business through Empire Flippers. I transferred the account over a few weeks ago so I no longer have access to sales data and I'm no longer receiving any income from Amazon FBA. 

Hopefully the sale will be wrapping up in the next few weeks and I'll do a big deep dive on the whole process. 

I did get a few deposits during September so my profit was roughly $1,000 but it's impossible to exactly quantify it. Also I have no pretty screenshots ๐Ÿ™

Affiliate Site Income

One of the side effects of transferring the Amazon FBA account is that I lost ALL of my Amazon accounts. My affiliate account is gone, my account with my Prime subscription got transferred; all of it.

It sucks and it's a huge pain in the ass. I'm in the process of getting my affiliate sites back up and running but right now they're basically making no money until I can establish my new account.

Luckily I was able to grab a screenshot of last month's earnings.  Here it is:

October's results will be a mess but September looked OK since the transfer didn't happen until the end of the month.

I'm also in the process of selling 2 of my affiliate sites. These are the same ones that I purchased about 6 months ago.

I'll do a separate post on that as well once it's complete. The short version is that I don't have time to grow those sites so they're stagnating and will eventually decline.

I've made about $6k since I acquired them and I should be able to sell them for approximately what I paid for them.

If anyone is interested in buying either of those sites feel free to email me at ๐Ÿ™‚

I'll have more details next month when things calm down and I'll be able to give some more details on what it was like to sell my business with Empire Flippers.

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