New Side Hustle Case Study: Instagram Marketing

Ever Heard of Fuck Jerry?

If that headline sounds offensive then you probably don’t use Instagram.  Almost everyone who uses the social media app has heard of Fuckjerry.  He’s the most famous Instagram personality due to his huge following and the fact that he makes at least $3 million per year from posting memes on Instagram.

Big brands like McDonald’s and Coke are willing to pay FuckJerry up to $30,000 per post that may only last for a few hours before he takes it down so his page isn’t cluttered with evidence of his corporate marketing.

I use Instagram off and on but when I read about someone making millions per year from posting memes they found on the internet I thought there might be some potential here for me to bite off a small piece as well.

Where I’m at Right Now

Like anything I do, I’m going to document everything and show you step by step how I do this.  Whether or I fail or succeed, you’ll be able to see every part of the journey. 

I created the account a month ago and haven’t done a ton with it.  Here’s the entire details of my account showing my username, follower count, etc.  

The screenshot on the left shows where I was at on 10/26.  Since I’m lazy and took 2 extra days to make this post, the graph on the right shows my follower growth over time.  

This is the main metric I’m going to focus on since that’s what advertisers care about and what they require to pay you serious cash.

How I Plan to Grow My New Instagram Account

I created a new Instagram account specifically for posting memes and getting a ton of followers.  Hopefully once I get enough followers I can start renting it out to brands who want to sponsor posts and start making some money.

I’m going to document this entire journey, every step of the way, to see if it’s possible to go from a fresh account with 0 followers to one that is actually making money.

So here’s where I stand right now.  After a few weeks of posting I have 65 followers (as of 10/26).  The best method I’ve found so far is to find accounts doing similar things as me and look at who is liking their posts.  I follow a bunch of these people and some of them follow me back.  That’s it.  

Hopefully once I gain more followers I can start to get some organic growth, but at the beginning stages it’s a pretty slow, manual, boring process.

Any questions on growing an Instagram following?  Shit at this point, any advice?  It would be much appreciated!

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