Making Money

So much of the personal finance world is focused on saving money that they forget about the fact that you can always make more!

If you're saving enough right now to retire in 30 years, why not start a side business and retire in 20 years? or 10 years?

Even if you don't want to retire that early it's still nice to have multiple streams of income and gives you the flexibility to save more for retirement or take a nice vacation 🙂

My two main side hustles are selling physical products on Amazon and growing affiliate websites.  Check out my most recent posts down below or grab my ebook with a guide on how to start a side hustle right now.

Amazon FBA Business

I import products and sell them on Amazon.  This allows me to outsource the grueling work of shipping every order and let's me build a business while working a full time job.  Here's the latest on my Amazon FBA business.

Niche Sites

My other side hustle is building and acquiring niche websites.  These are small websites that focus on low competition keywords to get traffic from Google.  I provide people with news and product reviews and get a commission if they end up buying something from Amazon

I don't have time to build these myself so I've hired a full time virtual assistant in the Phillippines to create the content on these sites.  Follow along with my journey to grow these sites from $50 per month to $5,000.

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