How to Scale Up Your Niche Site with Textbroker

Outsourcing the Grunt Work

Creating a niche site as a side hustle can be a great way to earn some extra income on the side.  The best part is once you have the site built up, you don’t have to keep working on it to earn money.  It will make money around the clock, even when you’re asleep or at your day job.

The hard part is getting to the point where your website is actually making money.  The only way to get there is to show up in the search results for buyer keywords and the only way to do that is to put out great content.  The problem with that is it’s grueling work and you’ll have to spend a LOT of time at it in order to see any results.

That’s where Textbroker comes in.  Instead of writing hundreds of articles yourself, you can hire someone to do it for you.  You can also control how much you pay and how high the quality of the article is.  Want a great article that sounds like it was written by a native English speaker?  Just check the box for ‘5 stars’ on your order.  If you’re just filling a website, maybe a PBN, with filler content then you can order a 2 star order that will cost about 1/10th the price of a 5 star order.

How Textbroker’s Platform Works

Unlike other outsourcing websites like Upwork or, Textbroker doesn’t make you pick an individual writer.  Every writer in their system has a number assigned to them and you don’t interact directly with the writer.  Instead, you define what level of quality you want when you order and Textbroker will show your order to available writers that match that criteria.  Then the writers are able to choose if they want to pick up the job or not.

After you’ve had some orders fulfilled and you find a writer that you like, you can send them orders directly instead of opening them up to everyone.  I’ve been able to find some great writers this way and I am able to continually use them to create great content for my niche sites.

How Much Does Textbroker Cost?

Textbroker charges you per word and the rate is based on the quality.  Here is a breakdown of the quality to cost:

Quality (Star Rating)

Price per Word

2 Stars

1.3 cents per word

3 Stars

1.8 cents per word

4 Stars

2.4 cents per word

5 Stars

7.2 cents per word

The price increases gradually from 2 stars to 4 stars then takes a huge leap when you get up to 5 stars.  Textbroker charges a $0.35 flat fee per order for using their service which is pretty reasonable and most of the time will only make up a small percentage of your total order cost.

When you are submitting your order, Textbroker will give you an estimated cost for your order assuming that the writer hits the maximum number of words.  If they come in lower, then you’ll be charged less.  

One of the signs of a great writer is that they don’t fill the article with fluff and filler words.  Bad writers who are trying to milk the site for money will have only a few hundred words of substance, then another 1,000 words of filler so they can pad the total order cost and get a bigger cut.  Here’s what the estimate looks like when you place an order:

text broker order platform showing cost per word and total cost for your order

What Quality Level Should I Choose?

Choosing the quality level you want to pay for depends on what the content will be used for and how much time you want to spend fixing it.  If you’re looking for filler content for a PBN and you don’t need great quality, 2 stars will get you there and will save you some money.  If you wan’t great content that’s engaging to read, you need to pay for at least a 4 star writer.

All of the articles I order for my niche sites are from 4 star writers.  I’ve ordered 3 star content in the past and I had to spend too much time proofreading and editing it.  It’s worth the small increase in cost to get a 4 star writer and not have to rework the entire article.

My niche sites don’t make a ton of money and the content is only linking to Amazon where I get about a 5% referral commission so it doesn’t make sense for me to pay for 5 star content yet.  If I was trying to have professional sales copy done or something else that I’d expect to bring in thousands of dollars, that might be the only time I can think of where it could be worth it to pay 3x the cost for an article.

My Plans to Grow My Niche Sites through Textbroker

About 4 months ago I hired a virtual assistant from the Philippines to create content for a new website I was growing from scratch.  He was doing a good job and for $75 per week, it wasn’t too expensive so I didn’t mind giving him some time and space to learn and get better at keyword research and writing.

Then 2 weeks ago he disappeared.  I haven’t heard from him since then and I assume he’s moved on to a new job.  I thought about hiring a new assistant, and I probably will in the coming months, but for now I am going to take the $300 per month I was paying him and use it to create articles for my niche site.  A 4 star article that’s 1,000 words long costs around $20 which means I could get 15 articles per month created for the same cost.

To give some context to that, my niche site right now has about 400-500 people per month that visit it and it generates about $50-$75 per month in income.  The total article count right now on that website is just over 30 and I’ve only added 5 articles since I purchased it.  I think if I start pouring some real money into it and try to scale it up I could probably get the earnings to increase pretty quickly by ranking for some long tail keywords.

Keep an eye on my future niche site income updates as I’ll detail the results I’m seeing from the new articles I’m having created on Textbroker.

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  1. Well, Textbroker is really expensive, for a 500 articles website you need to invest 8400 € (speaking about 700 words articles on average). Isn’t the best solution for your niche website that is earning only 75 $ a month. There is also to be said that freelancers tend to disappear quickly. In Italy we have “Melascrivi” but is near crappy contents and freelancers can do better job than those networks. In any case I think Textbroker is the way to go for big companies with budget, not for everyone.

    1. I’ve found Textbroker to be the best balance between quality and price. Ordering 500 articles will definitely get really expensive but then again if you get 500 articles up you should be earning a lot more than $75 per month.

      My niche site is earning that with about 30 articles and the bulk of the earnings are from 1 article. If I bought 500 articles I’d expect the revenue to grow at the same rate as I add new content so you’d probably see your earnings jump by at least 10x if you invested that much money.

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