Finance Blogger Interview Series: MSOLife (Making Sense of Life)

This is part of a series of interviews with personal finance bloggers to try to get some insight and wisdom on their journey to financial independence.

This interview is with 'Moose' from MSOLife.

1. Who are you? What do you do for a living? What do you do for fun?

I'm a 34 year old Army veteran and former investment banker/investment researcher. I'm currently "funemployed" but I plan to start working again in a couple of months for a fintech company. 

2. What is your website/blog and what do you write about?

I write mostly about early retirement and financial independence but I occasionally throw in some philosophy (Stoicism) and other useful topics to help people make sense of life.

3. How did you get in to the world of financial independence/early retirement? What are your financial goals?

I was driven to financial independence because I was sick and tired of making a good income but somehow always being short on cash. The stress of living like that is immense. I could retire now if I left the U.S., but the plan is to retire in 6 to 8 years when I'm 40 or 42. My saving rate hovers over 50% and I'm confident I can get it up to 75%. I'm targeting a net worth of at least $1.5 million before I retire. I'm at almost $900,000 now, and anything past $1.5 million is icing on the cake.

4.  What are the top 3 books you love or would recommend?

Dune, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Simple Path to Wealth

5. What is your favorite purchase that cost $100 or less?

I have a 5.11 backpack (Rush24) that I absolutely love. It costs around $100 but I bought it with points. 

6.  What things do you cheap out on?

Food, cars, rent, dining out, clothes.

7.  What things do you splurge on?

Photography, travel, and unique experiences. 

8. If you could give one piece of advice to a 21 year old college graduate, what would it be?

Continue living like you're still a student. I don't care how much or how little you make or if you live in your mom's basement, hoard as much cash as you can and invest it. Having a sweet ride, going out constantly, and flashy gear should not take the place of financial independence. As you get older, none of that junk matters!

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