Side Hustle Update #7 – $27,098 in Amazon FBA Sales

passive income side hustle reports

April 2017 Side Hustle Update April was a great month for sales on Amazon.  I did just over $27,000 in sales and got back in stock on some of my best selling products.  Profitability took a hit this month for a few different reasons I’ll expand on below. I’ve signed up for a service named Fetcher which calculates my profit by subtracting product costs, shipping costs, and advertising spend.  The only thing it’s missing is […]

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May 2016 Net Worth Update

Last month my side hustle made me over $4,000.  What would you do with an extra $48,000 per year in savings?  Click here to start your own side hustle.  I’ll help you for free. What’s Your Net Worth? Do you know what your net worth is?  Most people don’t and probably don’t care to.  But if you’re here, you’re different, and this is an important number you should know.  Your net worth is all of […]

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Net Worth

Know Your Net Worth Your net worth is the most important number for determining when you are financially independent.  Once your net worth is more than 25x your annual spending, you can retire and never worry about running out of money. My Current Net Worth = $160,394 As of Nov. 8, 2017, my net worth is right around $160k.  This is only my retirement accounts so it doesn’t include any equity in my house, cars, […]

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