The Best Roth IRA Funds for 2018

How to Choose the Best Roth IRA Funds You’ve got your Roth IRA opened but now you’re stuck staring at a huge list of acronyms and technical sounding names.  I was in the same spot when I opened my Roth IRA 5 years ago but since then I’ve learned quite a bit about Roth IRA funds and here is how you can choose the best options. Step 1: Learn What Does NOT Go in a […]

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I’m Starting My Own Hedge Fund

starting my own hedge fund

Update: I got my ass kicked and underperformed the market by 50% over the course of 1 year.  See the update here where I talk about pulling my Roth IRA out and buying an affiliate website with the remaining balance.I’ll leave this post up as a warning to anyone who thinks they can casually invest and beat the market.  Don’t bother, just buy $VFIFX.I’m Creating My Own Hedge Fund: AFI Capital I’ve always been an […]

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