The Right and Wrong Way to Think About Spending

A couple days ago, Mr Money Mustache posted an interesting article on how he calculates the cost of large purchases. It was called The Twenty Dollar Swim and after reading the article I agreed with it, but after thinking about it for a few more days I started to hate it. The premise is based on calculating the 18 year cost of ownership and opportunity cost of not investing in the stock market, then dividing it […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Using FIRECalc

Retirement Planning Made Easy: A Simple Guide to Using FIRECalcFiguring out how much money you need to save for retirement can be a pretty complicated exercise. To simplify, most people use the 4% rule. The 4% rule is based on the famous Trinity study which says:You have a 95% chance of success in retirement (aka not running out of money) if you withdraw 4% of the initial balance each year.For a $1,000,000 million portfolio this […]

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Cricket Wireless Review – How To Cut Your Cell Phone Bill In Half And Get Better Service

save money by switching from verizon to cricket

The year is 2010 and cell phones are blowing up (popularity wise, not in a Note 7 way).  I had just switched from Sprint to Verizon with a beautiful plan that came with:700 minutes per monthUnlimited text messagesUnlimited data (!!!!!)That’s right kids; unlimited data used to be included in almost every plan!  Later that year I got married and upgraded to a family plan.  For 2 smartphones and 1 dumb phone, I was paying $180 per […]

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What Is The Average Return Of The Stock Market?

One of the most important numbers in the world of FIRE (financial independence/early retirement) is known as the 4% rule.   This comes from the well known Trinity Study that found the optimal portfolio drawdown rate was 4% of the initial balance. If you assume that inflation will be around it’s historical average of 3%, then a 4% withdrawal rate means your money must grow by 7% in order to keep up with inflation and your withdrawals.   But where […]

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Buy It For Life – Good Investment or Overpaying?

Buy It For Life – Good Value or Waste of Money?Over the last couple of years there’s been an increased interest in the idea of buy it for life. The ‘buy it for life’ philosophy is simple:Instead of paying $10 every 6 months for a cheap water bottle, spend $30 for a high quality water bottle that will last 3+ years. And on the surface, it’s obvious to see the appeal.  The math is simple and it looks […]

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AFI Hedge Fund Update #3: Slow Recovery and Lessons Learned

passive income side hustle reports

Better but Still Underperforming the S&P Early in 2017 I decided I was going to take $10k from my Roth IRA in Vanguard and use it to trade options.  I’ve always had an itch for making speculative investments and I’ve wanted to try options trading for a long time. After basically breaking even with $10k I decided to move over another $10k as well as $3k that was in my wife’s Roth IRA.  I probably […]

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