Why Do Some People Choose Not To Retire Early?

A few weeks ago I was browsing the FI subreddit (/r/financialindependence) and came across a really good post.  The person that started the thread wanted to know why some high income earners choose not to retire early. Being in the FIRE bubble can make you forget that there are some people out there that don’t want to FIRE. There are a lot of reasons and some of the comments in that thread were really insightful so […]

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How to Tell If a Personal Finance Website is Bull$#! ^

Fake, Scam, Fraud, Ripoff, grunge rubber stamps on white,

I got an email last week asking me if I’d like to link out to a personal finance website. Their pitch was that they had useful content for my audience and they wanted to help share it. Ok cool, sounds good. That’s a pretty standard pitch and before I link out to any sites I always check them out to make sure their legit. When I went on their website I saw the standard personal […]

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