Amazon FBA Business

Here's the latest and greatest on my Amazon FBA journey.  So far I'm just getting up to the $30,000 per month sales mark which means I'm making about $10,000 per month in profit.  Follow along!

August 2018 Side Hustle Income Report
$9,845 in Revenue and Promising Growth August was a good month overall, especially since I spent barely any time on[...]
Is It Too Late to Start Selling Products through Amazon FBA?
I got an email earlier today from someone who was interested in selling on Amazon but they were worried that[...]
Side Hustle Income Report – March 2018
Amazon FBA and Affiliate site side hustle updates 2 weeks ago I wrote a post about cashing out my Roth[...]
December 2017 Side Hustle – $31,696 in Sales
$10,413 in Profit on $31,696 in revenue December on Amazon is always crazy.  Everyone is doing their Christmas shopping and[...]
November 2017 Side Hustle Update – $17,102 in Sales
4 Hours of Work - $17,100 in Sales - $4,000 in Profit Go to any personal finance blog and you'll[...]
October 2017 Side Hustle Update – $13,174 in Sales
October 2017 Side Hustle - $13k in Sales, $1.7k in Profit October was another average month.  Sales were up slightly[...]
September 2017 Side Hustle Update – $12,348 in Sales
<p>September was a weak month.  Competition continues to increase and some of my best selling products went out of stock[...]
August 2017 Side Hustle – $16,393.82 in Sales

Side Hustle Update – $16,393 in Sales.  $2,748 in Profit

August was another solid month for my Amazon FBA business.  Everything[…]

July Side Hustle Results – $1,741 in Profit
___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW__Managing Cashflow Sucks
My profit for this month came in at around $1,700, not bad for about 10 hours of work![…]
How I Made $91 while Hiking Yesterday
___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW__Selling on Amazon for Passive Income
On Thursday morning I started the drive down to Virginia, staying just outside of Washington[…]
Side Hustle Update #8 – $17,032 in Amazon FBA Sales
___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW__May 2017 Results – $17k in Sales and $4k in Profit
May saw a dip in sales from last month which[…]
Side Hustle Update #6: March FBA Sales – $21,559
___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW__Solid Sales but Huge Increase in Costs___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW__March sales on Amazon came in at a little over $21k.  I normally have[...]
Side Hustle Update #5 – January and February FBA Sales
Busy, Busy, Busy Things have been crazy busy lately so I've been spending more time working on my business than[...]
December 2016 Side Hustle Update – $34,929.47 in Sales!
Amazon FBA Side Hustle Update December was officially my best month ever!  The products I sell aren't really something I[...]
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping is the Greatest
Spend More! Most personal finance blogs rail against excessive shopping and spending, and rightfully so.  If you want to retire[...]
September Amazon Sales and Business Debt vs Personal Debt
September Physical Product Sales: $12,972.06 September was a decent month but I had several out of stock items which hurt[...]
Breaking News: Amazon blocking new FBA sellers for Q4 and Banning Incentivized Reviews 
Two big stories from Amazon this week. They announced at the end of last week that sellers could no longer[...]
$15,458.74 in Sales – August 2016 Side Hustle Income Report
Amazon FBA Results: $15,460 in Sales and $4,670 in Profit Last month was a fantastic month for my FBA side[...]
July 2016 Side Income: $12,168 in Physical Product Sales and $3,943 in Net Profit
July 2016: $12,168 in Physical Product Sales on Amazon Last month was the first full month of selling after I[...]
An Introduction to Selling Physical Products on Amazon
Intro to Sellers Pretty much everyone buys stuff online today and is the behemoth of online selling.  Most[...]
Amazon Resources
This is a short, simple list of the resources I have come across while doing FBA that have been the[...]
How to Choose a Product to Sell on Amazon
Intro to Product Selection There is nothing worse than launching a new product on Amazon and having it completely flop.[...]

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