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Recent Amazon Posts: From $0 to $30,000 per month with no experience

In 2015 I began selling products on  I started this with no prior experience creating or importing physical products.  Since I started and lost $1,500 I’ve grown this business into roughly $30,000 per month in sales and $3,000-$6,000 per month in net profit.

Recent Niche Site Posts: Current income = $70 per month

Niche websites are like digital real estate.  You can buy existing properties that are making money each month.  The benefits are that they cost less, make more money, and you can grow them easily.  

Recent Options Trading Posts: Current Roth IRA = $21,873

I’ve allocated 15% of my retirement portfolio to learning to trade options and hopefully beating the market returns I get from my 401(k).  Follow along as I try to beat the market and share my experiences.

My name is Jim and I started this site to help you retire earlier.  I love figuring out ways to make more money and starting side hustles to accelerate my path to retirement.  I also love teaching other people how they can do the same stuff I'm doing and retire sooner.

Here's a quick run down of what I'm working on now: